Doh! Romanian duo sent to stir for thefts…. Dunkin’ Donuts: Blueberry Waffle Sandwich…

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Romanian nationals get one to three years in prison for stealing money with re-encoded cards.

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16.11.2011 · Two Romanians in the U.S. on journalism visas were tossed in prison for up to three years Wednesday for starring in a true-crime story of theft by way of doctored.

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Two visitors from Romania accumulated a 70-count indictment for reconfiguring Dunkin' Donuts gift cards to act as credit cards, The New York Times reports.

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TWO Romanian men were indicted on charges they reprogrammed Dunkin' Donuts gift cards to dispense cash at ATMs, New York City prosecutors said today.

TWO Romanian men were indicted on charges they reprogrammed Dunkin' Donuts gift cards to dispense cash at ATMs, New York City prosecutors said today. Daniel Gheorghe and Ionel.

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Two Romanian men were busted for allegedly stealing close to $18,000—in one night—from ATMs from a JPMorgan Chase bank in Queens, all thanks to some handy tricked-out.

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